But tons of research clearly demonstrates that our rate of aging can be influenced and altered significantly. In fact, aging is largely a result of our choices, our lifestyle, versus a predetermined genetic “plan” that we robotically follow like a computer reading software. In reality, how you age is largely up to you!

SO WHAT HAPPENS? − Our brain shrinks and there is loss of cognitive function and focus and memory. − We lose collagen and elasticity in our skin causing it to be thin and wrinkly, heal poorly, and bruise easily. Age spots dot our skin like an Appaloosa’s, connective tissues stretch, and body parts (butts, faces, arms, tummy, and breasts) start to sag. − We lose muscle and bone and gain fat, resulting in less strength, osteoporosis, and the onset of obesity.
THE THEORIES OF AGING − Accumulation of junk outside of our cells − Accumulation of junk inside of our cells − Too many cells − Too few cells − Genetic mutations − Genetic mutations − Too many connections
WHERE ARE YOU ON THE AGE CURVE? An intensive physical examination combined with a battery of diagnostic tests measures how each of your organs are working.

Telomere test—This test measures the length of your telomeres. Telomeres are protective caps at the end of your chromosomes, kind of like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces, that the cell machinery grabs onto when it’s time to duplicate itself for growth and maintenance. They also keep your DNA for ‘hooking up’ end to end to form large non-sense strands (you would think that DNA would be smarter than that). Every time your cell divides, you lose a little piece of your telomeres. Eventually, telomeres get so short that the cell can no longer reproduce, and eventually it either dies or hangs around indefinitely contributing nothing while consuming resources.

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