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Women’s Hormone Questionnaire

Check the symptoms you are experiencing to find out if you may be suffering from a significant hormone imbalance.

Women’s Estrogen Hormone Profile Test

Achy, joint painsAnxietyApathy and MalaiseBloatingBone Loss (Osteoporosis)Difficulty concentrationFoggy thinking, unable to focusFood CravingsFrequent Bladder InfectionsHeadachesHeart PalpitationsHot FlashesIncontinence or Urinary StressInsomniaLethargy or DepressionLow Libido (sex drive)Low self esteem or sense of well beingMemory LapsesMigrainesMood SwingsNight SweatsPMS symptomsReduction in Breast FullnessSleep DisturbancesSwelling, puffiness, water retentionTearfulnessVaginal Dryness & IrritationWeight Gain

Progesterone Hormone Profile Test

Anxiety & MoodinessBreast EnlargementCyclical Headache-MigrainesHeavy MensesIrregular PeriodsIrritability & Quick to AngerNot OvulatingPainful Menstrual CrampsPuffiness and BloatingShort Term Memory LossSleep Disturbances - InsomniaSugar Cravings - HypoglycemiaTender BreastsWater RetentionWeepiness - Tearfulness

Testosterone Hormone Profile Test

AcneAggressionAnxiety or nervousnessDecreased FlexibilityDecreased Mental AbilityDecreased StaminaElevated triglyceridesExcess body hair - face and armsFatigue - Feeling "Burned Out"FibromyalgiaFoggy ThinkingHeart PalpitationsHypogylcemia, unstable blood sugarIrritabilityLoss of Muscle & Muscle MassLoss of scalp hairLow Libido (sex drive)Malaise - lack of drive or energyOily skinThinning skin
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