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Male Hormone Questionnaire

Check the symptoms you are experiencing to find out if you may be suffering from a significant hormone imbalance.

Male Hormone Deficiency

Bone Loss (Osteoporosis)Decrease in CompetitivenessDecrease in strength and/or enduranceDecreased Libido (sex drive)Decreased mental sharpnessDepressionDiminished Sexual AbilityFatigued or have a lack of energyHarder to achieve or maintain an erectionHistory of high cholesterol or elevated blood sugarIncreased Urinary UrgencyIncreased abdominal fat or developed "man boobs"?Loss of Muscle & Muscle MassMalaise-Lack of Drive or EnergyMemory Lapses - ForgetfulnessProstate ProblemsRecent deterioration in your ability to play sportsRecent deterioration in your work performanceSleep disturbances

Male Hormone Excess

Acne or increase in acneAggressionAnxiety or NervousnessIrritabilityLoss of scalp hairOily skin
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