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Hormone Imbalance Quiz

Take the free online personalized hormone quiz to and find out!

I have created this quiz to help you identify possible hormone imbalances you may have. The list is long but important. Check every symptom that you are having.

Abdominal weight gainAcneBloatingBody temperature below 98.6Breast tenderness or nipple sensitivityChronic fatigueCold hands and feetConstipationCrash daily around 3 PMCyclical headaches or migrainesDecreased bladder control or stress incontinenceDecreased memory or foggy brainDecreased sex driveDevelopment of uterine fibroidsDry skin and dry hairElevated blood sugarElevated cholesterolErectile dysfunctionFibrocystic breastsFlabbiness or loss of muscle massFluid retention, especially before your periodGreasy skinHair lossHeavy periods with clotsHot flashesInability to handle stressIncrease infection such as colds or flu'sIncrease joint or muscle painIncreased allergiesIndecisivenessInsomniaIntolerance to loud noisesIrritability and or aggressionLack of energy or staminaLack of stamina or slow recovery after exertionLoss of armpit or body hairLoss of motivationLoss of outer half of eyebrowsLoss of pubic hairLoss of self-confidenceLoss of skin radiance or quickly aging skinLow blood pressure, dizziness with standingMood changes, depressionNight sweatsPain with sexual activityPuffy eyes and swollen lidsSagging breasts and loss of breast fullnessSketchy memory, poor focusSpotting a few days before your periodSugar or salt cravingsSymptoms of PMSTrouble falling asleep or staying asleepUnexplained anxietyUnwanted hair growth especially arms and faceVaginal drynessWeak or ridged nailsWeight gain evenly over the bodyWeight gain in the hipsWorsening menstrual cramps
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