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Growth Hormone

What is Growth Hormone? Is it safe? What are the side effects? Is it FDA approved?

Growth hormone is one of the most important hormones influencing the aging process. Up until recently, it was thought that the only function of growth hormone was to stimulate growth in children. However, research now shows that this substance is responsible for maintaining the reparative and restorative functions of many, if not all, of our tissues. It was found that adults who lack growth hormone age prematurely; and that restoring the GH levels to normal reverse the premature aging process seen in Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

It has been noted for years that the production of GH gradually decreases with age in a manner that closely correlates with the development of the signs of physical aging. In deficient individuals restoring the growth hormone levels to the level of a healthy individual improves all of these tissues, increasing the thickness and elasticity of your skin, reducing wrinkles and sagging, increasing the strength and volume of your muscles and increasing the lean body mass. It also increases the strength of the ligaments and fascia, reducing your susceptibility to injuries such as sprains and strains. Growth hormone is also is a powerful stimulant to bone deposition, reversing osteoporosis and further reducing your potential for injury. It also appears to affect the lining of the arteries, the endothelium, reducing the development of atherosclerosis. Adults with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency statistically more likely to die of ischemic heart disease at a younger age than normal adults.

Treatment with hGH is indicated for treatment of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. The diagnosis is initially suspected by a low morning fasting IGF-1 level. This screening test should be followed up with a stim test to more definitively establish the deficiency. Growth hormone is remarkably free of serious side effects when used in a monitored and controlled program. Proper dosage is critical and blood levels must be monitored to determine the proper dose. Some people may experience some fluid retention during the early phases of the program. This is easily remedied with dose reduction, or brief cessation of treatment. There is some mythology that growth hormone is associated with cancer. This misconception is due to the fact that, when growth hormone was first available, it’s only use was in the treatment of forms of genetic dwarfism, conditions that were already known to be associated with forms of cancer. Growth hormone has not been shown to be associated with any type of cancer. Growth hormone requires some caution in the presence of insulin resistance or early Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

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