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Hypothyroidism in Men Dallas

Hypothyroidism in Men- The thyroid is a small gland that resides in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland drives your metabolism and is responsible for several important functions that are critical for survival. Although more common in women, aging men will sometimes suffer from a tired thyroid that just isn’t keeping up with demand. There are several causes of hypothyroidism including other hormone imbalances, stress, nutritional deficiencies and accumulation of environmental toxins over the years.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men:

  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Weight gain
  • Low energy
  • Depression and mental sluggishness
  • Memory loss
  • Constipation
  • High cholesterol

Hypothyroidism Treatment

Diagnosis can be tricky. The symptoms can be subtle and it’s all too easy to write them off as just what happens when you age. Thyroid lab tests can fall within the ‘normal’ range leading to many men remaining undiagnosed and untreated. Special clinical skills and significant experience is needed to tease out the necessary clues to unmask this disorder and treat it effectively. Treatment with conventional synthetic thyroid medications (Synthroid) used by most insurance based physicians is usually inadequate. Using thyroid hormone preparations customized to each patients needs allows Dr. Light to relieve the many symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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