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Genetic testing allows you to take an active role in managing your health. Your predisposition to several diseases can be “discovered” using genetic testing. For many common degenerative diseases, these genetic flaws are heavily influenced by things YOU control: diet, lifestyle and environment.

Genetic TestingThe good news is that genes can be turned on or off – genetic predisposition does not always equal fate. By getting a snapshot of carefully selected genes, you are put back in the drivers seat and can minimize risk by:

  • Identifying “hidden” gene mutations that may promote chronic disease
  • Preventing disease through early intervention
  • Modifying gene expression through more precise, targeted, individualized interventions
  • Identifying key areas for follow-up testing
  • Monitoring therapeutic effectiveness of intervention strategies with laboratory testing

Whether or not you choose to “see” genes, they are always there and will continue to play an important role in one’s health. With genomic testing, by choosing to look at them, you have the opportunity to influence the ultimate outcome and more actively promote a healthy life.

Genetic Tests

Integrative Medicine Dallas doctors can order a variety of tests to help us determine the best course of action.

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