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OutSmart Aging: 9 Anti-Aging Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Dr. Kevin Light - Outsmart AgingHave you surrendered to the idea that everyone starts to fall apart after 50? Are you convinced that a bad heart, feeble mind, weight problems or even cancer are lurking in your future? News flash! Most of the chronic diseases we acquire with age are due to poor choices. Over the last 10 years there has been an avalanche of hard science showing us how we ‘shoot ourselves in the foot’ with our lifestyle.

That translates as follows: We have control over our health destiny. New medical science now shows us a better way and has sparked a revolution in ‘health’ care.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Kevin Light guides you through the critical steps you need to help OutSmart Aging and live a fuller, healthier life. His powerful strategies include:

  • Replacing tired or missing hormones with bio-identical hormone therapy
  • Taming stress to chill out and live longer
  • Discovering the magic of sleep – and how to find it
  • Learning ‘defensive eating’ in a world of killer foods
  • Keeping fit the right way in less than one hour a day
  • Using the power of genetics and stem cells to repair and rejuvenate

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Why not choose health? If you want to learn ways to keep your mind, body and soul intact for years to come, then OutSmart Aging is for you. There is no time like the present – get on a better, smarter path today.

Here is what others are saying about
“OutSmart Aging”:

Dr Light is an extremely talented and gifted plastic surgeon. He is compassionate and listens to his patients personal overall treatment goals and offers a variety of of treatment surgical and non surgically options that are realistic with miraculous results. His techniques enhance his patient’s appearance without making them look unnatural and “overdone”. We all get older and each day is a gift.. Reading Dr Light’s books, numerous articles and talking with him, he has taught me that wellness, health and youth don’t have to progress at the same rate for everyone. Dr Light has helped me and many others to empower that belief on the inside and out. After all, age is just a number.
—Dr. Lauri Barge

OutSmart Aging is an excellent book that will help you manage the rest of your life. As a health club owner and health entrepreneur, I understand that aging can be tamed if we work hard and smart to prevent it. Dr. Light provides the instruction manual – all we need to do is show up.
—Tony Hartl, Founder of Planet Tan, DFW Crunch Fitness

Dr. Light has written a book which will serve as an excellent review for those interested in learning how their body and mind age. In this book, Dr. Light has outlined many potential options to help combat the morbidity of aging and I recommend this book as an excellent resource.
—Dr. Gerald Edelman, MD, PhD, author of ‘Sugar Rehab”

Dr. Light’s book is an insightful and enlightening guide to people seeking health, wellness and a superior quality of life. Unraveling the complexities of hormonal disruptions and dispelling myths of diet and exercise, Dr Light gives patients hope and an achievable success model in pursuit of an optimal life.
—Jim Hrncir RPh, Nationally recognized Bio-Identical Hormone & Thyroid specialist featured on The Dr Phil Show

What I love about Dr. Light’s new book “OutSmart Aging” is the HOPE it gave me that I didn’t have to settle for what I was going through, both physically and mentally! As I read it I could hear myself saying, “that is so me”, so many times I couldn’t believe it. It was the validation that I needed to finally do something about what I was going through! This is a ‘must read book’ for anyone who is serious about keeping their energy levels high and their mentally capacity sharp as they age.
—LeeAnne Locken, TV Personality, Author & Founder of “Inspiration by LeeAnne Locken”

“In his insightful book OutSmart Aging, Dr. Light illuminates a balanced approach to healthy longevity. His blueprint is a detailed yet simple map to transforming health and preserving quality of life in the second half of life. His integrity and passion for wellness shines through on every page.”
—Tara Coles, MD, Author of Health Gems and founder of Women’s Wellness and Health

“Dr Light is my doc. He is amazing, smart and can explain health issues in a way anyone can get. So now is the time to take action to preserve your youth and your health. Engage him and read this book – it’s a must read!”
—Tony Jeary, “The Results Guy”, Author, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Fortune 500 Strategic Facilitator

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