Closeup of a happy senior couple looking at cameraAlthough thyroid issues are typically more common in women – men can suffer from these conditions as well. The symptoms and types of the disease are very similar to that of women – and can be diagnosed through some simple blood tests by your physician or an Endocrinologist. The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) tests will determine where you are on the scale – and help your doctor decide a course of action or therapy.

Is an underactive thyroid – where the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormone. Typical symptoms include hair loss, weight gain, memory problems and even personality changes. Hypothyroidism can cause serious and life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

With an overactive thyroid, or – hyperthyroidism – there may be signs of a goiter—or a swollen area in the neck. Other symptoms include weight loss, increased heart rate, anxiety, and sleep problems.

With both types of thyroid problems, specifically for men – fertility problems can occur. An overactive thyroid can cause ‘low motility’ of sperm and could interfere with ability to conceive a child. Hypothyroidism may lead to overproduction of a pituitary hormone called prolactin. Too much prolactin may cause a drop in the production of testosterone, which supports sperm production.

The good news?
Thyroid conditions are often easily treated and managed with medication. Fertility problems are often resolved with proper treatment.