With today’s technology, having your genotype decoded is much easier, faster and cheaper than even 10 years ago. Not only does genotyping play a role in answering questions about our ancestors but it’s also played a huge role in the health sector.

Like any parent, one would definitely be scared about passing on a genetic disorder. Genetic testing can help families determine the risk associated with inherited genetic traits. Experts say that any ethnic groups carry certain genetic problems and the diagnosis that this testing can provide can have a remarkable, life-changing impact.

Once you’ve gone through testing, if you are at risk for a genetic issue, preparing yourself and making adjustments to your lifestyle could save your life or drastically alter your life’s course. Whether it is knowing whether you have a higher risk for diabetes, a heart attack or cancer, genetic testing can remove some of the unknowns about your future. Genetic testing, makes the information available for you so you can improve your own quality of life and live longer.