Starting at age 20, the body’s level of HGH begins to decline. By the age of 65, many of us have little or no HGH. The decline of HGH is accompanied by many of the miseries we associate with aging, from saggy skin, the dreaded potbelly and lack of vitality.

You can increase your HGH level naturally, by weight lifting or resistance training three times a week. HGH seems to be released in response to particularly intense and strenuous activity. Always check with your doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise.

You can also increase your HGH by using substitutes that are prescribed by your doctor. You should be constantly monitored by a physician through blood tests if you are taking these agents.

Numerous clinical studies have shown that HGH can help men and women gain lean body mass, and improve markers of heart health. Many studies have found that restoring HGH levels to that of a more youthful state can help people with quality of life, maintain their independence, and reduce the number of visits to the doctor or hospital.