Hormones are messengers of the body that are essential in maintaining proper functionality of the organs. They are produced in one part of the body, such as the adrenal or pituitary gland, and enter the bloodstream to take their messages to other organs to modify structures and facilitate optimal function.

Hormones are an integral part of human anatomy, and when they begin to decline, it can take a noticeable toll on the body, especially in women.


There are millions of women who suffer from the negative side effects of a hormone imbalance without even knowing of its existence. Your hormones have to be perfectly tuned at all times. The tuning process can be hindered as a result of aging, chronic stress, or poor eating habits. When the hormones become unbalanced, the change can have a profound effect on the body.

Signs of Hormonal Imbalance

There are over 50 different types of hormones in the body, and each one has their own specific task. This means that there can be a wide range of signs and symptoms that point to some sort of imbalance.

Here are a few of the signs and symptoms that you should look out for:

• You have healthy habits and a good workout regimen, but you see sudden and inexplicable weight gain.
• You see an increased level of body fat and are losing your muscle mass under layers of new fat.
• You notice irregularities in your menstrual cycle.
• You’ve had a healthy sex life in the past and suddenly feel a drop in interest that is coupled with disturbed sleep.
• You feel fatigued, depressed, and unable to get restful sleep all the time.
• You experience excessive sweating, night sweats, and hot flashes.
• You suffer from digestion issues that range from gas and bloating to slow digestion and constipation. While these are not normally attributed to hormonal issues, they can be signs, especially if they are coupled with one or more of the aforementioned symptoms.
• You have unusual cravings for specific foods and drinks, including alcohol.

A lot of the symptoms mentioned above can be linked to other illnesses and conditions as well. You will need to be tested to make sure that any of the changes you’re experiencing are hormonal in nature.

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It is very common for women to spend years with a hormonal imbalance without knowing it. It can often be confused with aging and other conditions, so it goes on without the proper treatment. If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, you should contact an experienced doctor right away.

Dr. Kevin Light is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is committed to providing excellent care to every patient. He is an expert at diagnosing hormone imbalances and can create an effective treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about hormonal imbalances and how they can affect you in your day-to-day activities.