2016 ResolutionsWhere do you want to be in one year? What changes are you ready to make in in 2016 to get there? New Year’s resolutions are often among the most noble of ideas, centered on self-improvement, health, lifestyle, education and your relationships. Yet studies show that by June, only 40% of people have stuck with their New Year resolutions. With the right attitude and approach, you can improve your odds and make 2016 your greatest year yet.

Experts tell us that the more specific the goal, the better the chance of accomplishing it. This time, we can tackle our New Year’s resolutions strategically. We can make one single change to tackle all of our best laid intentions in one fell swoop… sound like a plan?

I’m talking about starting off this New Year by taking control of our hormonal health. Sound impossible? Not at all. Hormone imbalances are often the culprit behind brain fog, constant fatigue, appetite concerns, low libido, and depression that sabotages our best efforts for a great New Year, year after year.

If this sounds like an exciting new idea that you are ready to wrap your tired arms around, read on. Here’s how hormone balance could well be the key to a rockin’ 2016.

Lose weight

Hormone imbalances can pack on the pounds. Most women, especially those in menopause and the few years prior have an estrogen dominance problem. As less progesterone is produced during menopause weight is easily added to the hips, thighs, and derriere. Another hormone roadblock is from an imbalance of a hormone produced from stress called cortisol. This can cause sugar cravings, a large appetite, and the unfortunate increase of belly fat. Low thyroid hormones can slow metabolism, making it harder to lose weight but easy to gain.

Organize Your Life –

Hormone imbalances can make it difficult to organize the thoughts running through your mind. Low testosterone can make it difficult to concentrate, low cortisol can make it difficult to remember, and low estrogen can cause brain fog. This can make it difficult to organize your house, your life, or any goals you have set for the year.

Get Control of Finances –

Stress hormones can prompt you to feel overwhelmed and lacking control. This can lead to you overdoing it in many areas of your life such as, overworking, overeating, and overspending. Getting your stress hormones in control can help you get control of your bank account.

Live Every Moment to the Fullest-

Hormones can put a damper on our zest for life. Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone can cause whirlwind of moods and emotions throughout the day. Testosterone can cause us to feel agitated and stress hormones can cause us to want to bury our heads in the sand. It is mighty difficult to accomplish any resolution when we are feeling like a hormonal teenager.

Get Fit and Stay Healthy –

In order for our body to be fit, all of our hormones have to be working in perfect unison. We need the right proportions of estrogens, androgens, thyroid and adrenal hormones to protect our health and allow our heart, brain, muscles, bones, skin and hair to shine!

Quit Smoking –

In order to reduce the urge to smoke a key factor is reducing stress hormones. Needing a smoke is synonymous with curbing anxiety instead of choosing a better route such as exercise, deep breathing and meditation which can help rebalance our hormones.

Create More Quality Family Time-

When time spent with your family begins to feel like a scene from a soap opera, you may want to consider the state of your hormones. Family time can become restricted when we begin to act impatient, irrational and irritable- all trademarks of imbalanced hormones.


Getting your hormones tested and treated can help you tackle the setbacks they can play towards your self-improvement resolutions for the New Year!