We all love the buffalo wings, the potato chips, the ground beef and the cookies during a tailgating event or perhaps you even skip some of that and go straight to the cold beer. Many football fans (especially men) are pretty hard core “bad eaters” when football season is here. There are healthy tailgating foods out there without looking “unmanly” or like your wife is making you eat healthy.

Traditional football foods are packed with calories, fats and alot of salt which we all know is bad. Many men have a hard timeimages resisting the football fat, simply because it’s not “manly”. You can however have some healthier tailgating foods without getting the hassle from the boys.

Instead of the chips, try some baked chips instead with salsa and try some grilled chicken with low cal dressing. Try making some sub sandwiches using whole grain bread and lean deli meats and throw in some veggies such as: lettuce, tomato, pickles, roasted peppers, etc.) but for sure hold the mayo and use some mustard instead. Loving that “meat lovers” pizza? Why not order a veggie pizza instead. It’s possible that after the beer drinking, many won’t even know that you have substituted the meat for the veggies. Try Light Beer to get the cold beer fix.

Don’t allow football season to throw you “out of whack” with all the fat and fried foods – reach for healthy football food and snacks this football season and stay healthy to see your team make it to the Superbowl!