Genetic testing has been an ongoing debate but is it really worth it? Some are not so impressed or even believe the accuracy of genotyping. But the question is, why do we want to have our genes tested? You may want to know your origin, others may even use it to know more about their body – for fitness purposes or weight loss but then a big percentage also want to undergo the process to know more about their health risks.

But with these results comes the question on accuracy. The low cost on home DNA kits for genetic testing has caused some issues to be raised whether they are correct or not. Experts say that there is actually no industry standard on what is a high risk or a low risk for a certain disease. However, the most important thing is that you need a detailed result after taking the test to be able to have it interpreted correctly.

Genetic testing can help you be more careful and take extra steps for prevention or even treatment if needed. But the most important thing is getting the right person to do it and interpret it for you. Though home DNA kits may be useful, it is possible that it can’t tell you exactly what you are looking for. Get advice from a doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy so you do get the valuable information you want.