During October – we do what we can to raise awareness for breast cancer, as well as prevention of this deadly disease. Early prevention is key, of course – and physicians and healthcare workers all over the world are involved in the highly-publicized “Breast Cancer Awareness Month“. One in eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime – but the global effort to provide mammograms and detect early is proving to save lives.

Hormonal Relationships to Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Risk

This topic is commonly addressed with patients by doctors nationwide; and for good reason – many at-risk (by age group) are undergoing hormonal therapies in some way – whether it be birth control or hormone replacement therapies – and birth control has been known to be associated with a slightly increased risk for breast cancer (not seen with properly managed.

We know that the increased risk with birth control (pills) use is not seen ten years post use. There is little information regarding birth control patch, vaginal ring and other forms of birth control. However, we do know that longer-term useres of Depo Provera have a possible increased risk. Women of younger ages utilizing birth control are at lower risk than those over 35.

Known breast cancer risk factors include:

  • Family history of breast cancer
  • alcohol consumption
  • obestiy
  • age