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Healthy Tailgating Foods

We all love the buffalo wings, the potato chips, the ground beef and the cookies during a tailgating event or perhaps you even skip some of that and go straight to the cold beer. Many football fans (especially men) are pretty hard core “bad eaters” when football season is here. There are healthy tailgating foods […]

Stevia, a healthy alternative to sugar

Our very human cells depend on sugar for energy and glucose actually helps to power the brain. However, over indulgence in sugar can cause obesity and metabolic disorders like diabetes and even cardiovascular disease. There are many alternatives to sugar out there but many of them have been shown to be unsafe. There is a […]

The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins often remind us of Fall festivals, cooler weather and especially Thanksgiving. For many Fall is their favorite season. Pumpkins are fun and festive to decorate with, but you will be surprised to learn what a great source of vitamins and nutrition they are. There are many benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and can assist you […]

5 Tips To Reduce Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

PMS: It effects all women. Ok, well – maybe not all women – but a whopping 85% of ladies experience at least one of the uncomfortable symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) that include bloating, back pain, cramps and the cramping, bloating, weight gain and general foul demeanor and mood swings. And – studies show that […]

The Cortisol Connection

Cortisol effects us all; an important hormone in our body. Secreted by the adrenal glands, cortisol supports our body in the effort to metabolize glucose and regulate insulin. It’s also instrumental in regulating blood pressure, immune functionality and inflammatory response. Certainly, cortisol levels fluctuate during the day: naturally with lowest levels in the evening when […]

Men’s Thyroid Health

Although thyroid issues are typically more common in women – men can suffer from these conditions as well. The symptoms and types of the disease are very similar to that of women – and can be diagnosed through some simple blood tests by your physician or an Endocrinologist. The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) tests will […]

Birth Control and Breast Cancer: What You Need To Know

During October – we do what we can to raise awareness for breast cancer, as well as prevention of this deadly disease. Early prevention is key, of course – and physicians and healthcare workers all over the world are involved in the highly-publicized “Breast Cancer Awareness Month“. One in eight women will be diagnosed in […]

Overcoming Gastrointestinal Disorders: New Findings On Probiotics – Part II

Now that we know about our amazing natural weapon for optimal gastrointestinal health – bacteriophages, we can learn more about our body’s ‘good bacteria’ in the digestive system and how it works with our immune system. Our immune system is an amazing machine; a complex network of cells and organs that defend the body from […]

Overcoming Gastrointestinal Disorders: New Findings On Probiotics – Part I

There is a new buzz word out there in the medical field: bacteriophage. What are bacteriophages? Bacteriophages are tiny, natural viruses that “feed” on the bad bacteria in your body – and actually destroy them. These viruses actually outnumber bacteria by about 10 to 1 – and by definition, actually infect and replicate within the […]

Human Growth Hormone

Starting at age 20, the body’s level of HGH begins to decline. By the age of 65, many of us have little or no HGH. The decline of HGH is accompanied by many of the miseries we associate with aging, from saggy skin, the dreaded potbelly and lack of vitality. You can increase your HGH […]

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