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Genetic Testing: Is It Worth It?

Genetic testing has been an ongoing debate but is it really worth it? Some are not so impressed or even believe the accuracy of genotyping. But the question is, why do we want to have our genes tested? You may want to know your origin, others may even use it to know more about their […]

Can Bioidentical Hormones Turn Your Life Around?

If you are a woman of over 35, you may not feel like you used to. You may not want to admit it, but you do know that something is wrong. You might think that what’s happening is normal or just comes with age. Yes, that may be true but there is something you can […]

Improving The Quality of Life with Genetic Testing

With today’s technology, having your genotype decoded is much easier, faster and cheaper than even 10 years ago. Not only does genotyping play a role in answering questions about our ancestors but it’s also played a huge role in the health sector. Like any parent, one would definitely be scared about passing on a genetic […]

Let Bioidentical Hormones Change Your Life

Hot flashes are just one of those things women suffer through during menopause. They say it’s the most dreadful and actually one of the worst things you can experience at this stage of life because it sometimes takes years before the hot flashes subside. In later life for men, lower testosterone becomes an issue with […]

Keeping Your Brain Healthy is Priority #1 for Most

If you ask people what it is about aging that concerns them the most, increasingly more people will say brain health and cognitive decline are as important, or more important, than avoiding heart disease or achieving financial security. A Brain Health Research Study published by AARP in 2014 reported that 41% of adults aged 34 […]

To Lose Weight, Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More

This article appeared in the New York Times on June 15, 2015 and was written by Dr. Aaron Carroll who blogs on health research. This article is right on and is exactly what I tell my patients wanting to lose weight. I couldn’t have said it any better. Here is his article. One of my […]

Low Thyroid Diagnosis and Treatment – Nuts and Bolts

The Hypothyroid Problem Millions of patients, especially women, suffer from hypothyroidism (low thyroid levels) and are completely unaware of it. They just know they feel ‘crappy” (is it politically correct to say that?) They notice that they can’t keep weight off the way they used to. Their energy levels are low and they tend to […]

Supplements – Snake Oil or Science

What are supplements anyway? Supplements contain, among other things, vitamins. Vitamins consist of a group of thirteen organic compounds. Vitamins are very important because they ensure normal growth and development. They play a significant part in our overall health acting as hormone messengers, regulating tissue growth and cell differentiation, and serving as antioxidants. They are […]

Natural Methods to Control Cholesterol

The following article can be found in Life Extension Magazine, May 2015. REPORT Natural Methods To Control Cholesterol By Susan Wiggins Approximately 25 million people take statin drugs to reduce their cholesterol, yet heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans.1-3 While statins lower LDL cholesterol and C-reactive protein, and modestly elevate protective HDL […]

Cholesterol Management

The following article is from Life Extension Magazine Cholesterol Management Emerging research into underappreciated aspects of cholesterol biochemistry has revealed that levels of cholesterol account for only a portion of the cardiovascular risk profile, while the properties of the molecules responsible for transporting cholesterol through the blood, called lipoproteins, offer important insights into the development […]

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