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Male Hormone Questionnaire

Check the symptoms you are experiencing to find out if you may be suffering from a significant hormone imbalance.

Male Hormone Deficiency

 Bone Loss (Osteoporosis) Decrease in Competitiveness Decrease in strength and/or endurance Decreased Libido (sex drive) Decreased mental sharpness Depression Diminished Sexual Ability Fatigued or have a lack of energy Harder to achieve or maintain an erection History of high cholesterol or elevated blood sugar Increased Urinary Urgency Increased abdominal fat or developed "man boobs"? Loss of Muscle & Muscle Mass Malaise-Lack of Drive or Energy Memory Lapses - Forgetfulness Prostate Problems Recent deterioration in your ability to play sports Recent deterioration in your work performance Sleep disturbances

Male Hormone Excess

 Acne or increase in acne Aggression Anxiety or Nervousness Irritability Loss of scalp hair Oily skin
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