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Hormone Imbalance Quiz

Take the free online personalized hormone quiz to and find out!

I have created this quiz to help you identify possible hormone imbalances you may have. The list is long but important. Check every symptom that you are having.

 Abdominal weight gain Acne Bloating Body temperature below 98.6 Breast tenderness or nipple sensitivity Chronic fatigue Cold hands and feet Constipation Crash daily around 3 PM Cyclical headaches or migraines Decreased bladder control or stress incontinence Decreased memory or foggy brain Decreased sex drive Development of uterine fibroids Dry skin and dry hair Elevated blood sugar Elevated cholesterol Erectile dysfunction Fibrocystic breasts Flabbiness or loss of muscle mass Fluid retention, especially before your period Greasy skin Hair loss Heavy periods with clots Hot flashes Inability to handle stress Increase infection such as colds or flu's Increase joint or muscle pain Increased allergies Indecisiveness Insomnia Intolerance to loud noises Irritability and or aggression Lack of energy or stamina Lack of stamina or slow recovery after exertion Loss of armpit or body hair Loss of motivation Loss of outer half of eyebrows Loss of pubic hair Loss of self-confidence Loss of skin radiance or quickly aging skin Low blood pressure, dizziness with standing Mood changes, depression Night sweats Pain with sexual activity Puffy eyes and swollen lids Sagging breasts and loss of breast fullness Sketchy memory, poor focus Spotting a few days before your period Sugar or salt cravings Symptoms of PMS Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep Unexplained anxiety Unwanted hair growth especially arms and face Vaginal dryness Weak or ridged nails Weight gain evenly over the body Weight gain in the hips Worsening menstrual cramps
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