Abnormal levels of hormones and other causes that lead to thyroid problems can have a lot of secondary implications. Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland activity levels are much lower than the normal levels. The effects of hypothyroidism and the symptoms can all be different for men and women. Women continue to be more vulnerable to thyroid diseases, but when they occur in men, they can lead to severe complications when not treated in time.

Major Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Men

Overall, the symptoms of hypothyroidism are similar in men and women. However, some men might experience some additional symptoms if thyroid activity drops too much. The overall metabolism rate is affected due to hypothyroidism, and this has many effects.

Here are some of the most commonly observed symptoms indicated:

• Exhaustion

• Chilly feeling

• Feeling of depression or lack of concentration

• Dryness of the skin

• Nails brittleness and weakness

• Unexplained sudden weight gain

• Goiter (a condition where the thyroid gland gets swollen)

In several cases, untreated hypothyroidism can also affect fertility in men. This is the main symptom where men and women differ when affected by drop in the thyroid gland activities.

In men, a hormonal imbalance is what leads to hypothyroidism. This is what causes the lowered levels of testosterone. Men notice weight gain and sudden intolerance to cold. Besides the symptoms mentioned above, the localized ones that are specific to men include reduction in the libido, increased cholesterol levels in blood, slow or stunted growth of facial hair, drop in muscle mass, and several other fertility issues.

Fertility Issues Caused by Hypothyroidism

If the thyroid gland is too active or too dull, it can lead to fertility-related troubles in men. Testosterone is the male hormone that affects the production of sperm. Any drop in the level of these hormones can lead to the reduced sperm count. Lower testosterone levels are also said to cause exhaustion and reduction in muscle strength in men. This makes muscle growth difficult as well, so when there are injuries, they may take a longer time to heal.

When a man experiences hypothyroidism, the pituitary hormones are secreted in levels that are much higher than the normal levels. These hormones are called prolactin. The surge in the level of these hormones leads to the drop in the testosterone levels, which can lead to the abovementioned effects. This on the whole affects fertility.

If hypothyroidism occurs in men who are over the age of 50, the results are known to be a little more severe. In older men, the condition might also increase the vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases. These can, at this age, be life-threatening. Besides feeling tired all the time, men with hypothyroidism also tend to feel depressed without any reason. Understanding these symptoms associated with hypothyroidism in men can help you understand the severity of the condition and thus know the importance of getting it diagnosed and treated on time.

Get Your Male Hypothyroidism Treated

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